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    making this the first true generator on the internet.
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Here are some of the best parts of our impressive features Put a professional employment search firm to work for you todays

Job Requisitions

Administrator Requisitions the job post

Job Posting

Online Job Posting Service - Find Qualified Job Seekers

Screening & Selection

Makings of this the first true generator on the Internet.


Job seekers set up private profiles and tell them to change jobs

What’s new at Jobs n Resumes The Best way the candidate recruit

Social Media

All the Jobs will post on social media by recruiter.

Job Alerts

Easy to set up custom job alerts against million up to date jobs

The next generation of recruiting

We believe in the power of people to do great things. Recruiter connects the next generation of job seekers with exciting, meaningful opportunities. We're building technology and services that take the pain out of job search and make it easier for people to find a better job

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